Pupils sent home following Covid-19 case

Pupils sent home following Covid-19 case

Pupils sent home following Covid-19 case

Pupils of a school in Scunthorpe have been instructed to work from home following another confirmed case of Covid-19.

According to Frederick Gough School the decision has been made in line with the lack of advice given by Public Health England.

The announcement was made yesterday in an email sent to parents by Headteacher Mr Ben Lawrence.

He stated that the school had attempted to contact Public Health England for advice on what to do, but that due to the increasing demand for advice, they were unable to get through.

The message reads:

“Today, Sunday, September 13, we were informed that a Year 10 pupil has tested positive for Covid-19.

“Track and trace has confirmed that this person contracted it outside the school.

“I have rung Public Health England for guidance to be told that they cannot give me any due to the high volume of calls that they are receiving. This has left us without advice.

“We have therefore been left to make a decision and have done this with what we believe to be a proportionate, sensible responsible.

“On Monday, 10B pathway will work from home.”

Similarly to other schools across England, Frederick Gough Secondary School reopened to pupils at the beginning of September.

Since when, there have already been several positive cases in schools across North East and North Lincolnshire.

Most schools, including St Lawrence Academy, have instructed those affected to self-isolate.

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