Emergency lorry parks set for Lincolnshire

Emergency lorry parks set for Lincolnshire

Emergency lorry parks set for Lincolnshire

Emergency lorry parks are scheduled to be built in North and North East Lincolnshire to help deal with potential issues and delays caused by Brexit.

With Britain less than four months away from its final split with the European Union, the government have now approved an order which grants planning permission to build new lorry parks.

Temporary lorry parks and inspection posts can now be built without local approval.

Government officials say that this will help the Brexit transition period by allowing lorries to be checked and inspected before leaving the UK to travel to the EU and beyond.

Thousands of lorries can be stored at these sites if the region’s ports experience delays.

The government added the lorry parks would contribute to “an orderly transition to the new system of controls to secure the border”, thus helping England to cope with potential trading chaos.

Many traders fear that flow of food and vital medicines may be disrupted following the transition period, and because of new travel restrictions regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Local councils are currently in discussion with the government on potential sites, with some suggesting locations off of the M180, and football grounds.

Thus far, no decisions have been made.

According to plans published last year, 75 vehicles could be accommodated within the walls of Scunthorpe United’s Sands Venue Stadium.

As the football season has now resumed, it is unlikely this proposal would go ahead.

A further 35 could be housed near the Humber Bridge.