Man in custody after jumping on police car

Man in custody after jumping on police car

Man in custody after jumping on police car

A Scunthorpe man was arrested this weekend after he climbed on top of a police car and jumped on it.

The curious decision, which occurred while officers were dealing with another matter, resulted in a smashed windscreen.

The police car was parked off Frodingham Road in Scunthorpe.

Officers PC Meg Garrod and PC Molly Jeans were a short distance away from the vehicle at the time.

After they realised what was happening, they immediately pursued and captured the culprit.

He was arrested and taken to Birchin Way custody suite in Grimsby.

Humberside Police shared pictures of the damaged windscreen on social media, alongside a statement which reads:

“You would think that an adult male would think better about jumping on to our police car just off Frodingham Road, especially whilst Pc Meg Garrod and Pc Molly Jeans was only 50 metres away.

“But he did anyway, he was very surprised that my super cops had put on their Usain Bolt running boots and caught him within a few seconds whilst he was running away at speed.”

One local said:

“What an absolute idiot. Complete lack of respect.
“He would be the first to complain if he needed the police urgently and there wasn’t a unit available due to the car being off the road getting repaired…
“I hope he is made to pay for the repairs.”
A Humberside Police spokesperson responded, confirming that the case will be going to court where his punishment will be decided.

“These cars just don’t belong to the Police they belong to our community so we all suffer,” he continued.

Officers also confirmed another of other incidents in the local area.

These included a helicopter search for a vulnerable person, and the arrest of a man who was almost three-times above the legal drink-drive limit.

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