Council issues warning over fly tipping across the area


Council issues warning over fly tipping across the area

North East Lincolnshire Council is warning people not to fly-tip or dump waste at recycling banks this Christmas.

There are about 30 ‘bring to’ recycling banks across our area, situated at busy locations such as supermarkets and car parks.

Recycling banks are convenient places for people to recycle reasonable amounts of their cans, glass, paper, card and plastic bottles.

The majority of people use the sites properly, but a small number illegally dump rubbish at them.

This makes it hard to empty the bins and prevents other people using them.

Not only this, but it is also harmful to the environment and makes the area look unsightly.

The recycling points are monitored with CCTV and signs are in place to warn people they can be fined if caught fly-tipping.

Up to October this year, officers issued 56 fixed penalty notices for fly-tipping offences at the points and a further seven cases are due to be heard in court.

Of the 56, 43 people were fined £400 for fly-tipping and another 11 were fined £100 for littering offences.

All recycling banks carry signs clearly showing what goes in each bin, what to do if the bins are full and warn people they face a fine if they dump rubbish illegally.

Councillor Ron Shepherd, portfolio holder for safer and stronger communities, said:

“Please do not leave rubbish next to the sites”.

“Piles of rubbish left at these sites is unacceptable, unsightly, and could attract vermin”.

“Just take extra rubbish to the tip in Grimsby or Immingham and dispose of it properly”.

Anyone who is caught fly tipping risks a £400 fixed penalty notice.

The Council removed several recycling banks last winter, whilst some of the sites went unused, others were used to illegally dump other rubbish such as fridges, building waste and food waste.

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