Vehicle related crime rate increase in Grimsby

Humberside Police

Valuable Items have been stolen as well as vehicles vandalised. 

Vehicle related crime rate increase in Grimsby

There has been an increase in vehicle related crimes across all areas of Grimsby. 

Reports have risen regarding people testing car door handles whilst walking around the streets in hope one is unlocked. 

Valuable Items have been stolen as well as vehicles vandalised. 

There have been reports daily of this happening as well as CCTV footage uploaded from numerous people of the criminals in a number of crime watch groups on Facebook. 

Police have said: “Your local community team has been out in your area posting leaflets regarding vehicle crime.”

“Please make sure your vehicle is locked at all times and keep all valuables out  of sight. And yes some people do forget to lock their vehicles.”

Aimee Shaw, Belleisle Road, shared a CCTV Video and said: “This morning at 1am this man walked through our archway (to a dead end) with a bag. He was round the back for 1 minute and we think he has been checking our doors and car doors.”

“Luckily everything was locked up and nothing has been taken. “

 “Please be cautious and if you have any other pictures/video’s of this man from last night and what he was doing please let me know so it can be passed over to the police.”

Three days ago another report was made to police about a man who opened a woman’s car, sat inside and looked through possessions. 

Another person has said: “To the person who decided to rumage through my car at 0433 this morning (Rutland St).”

“Yes I did forget to lock it and nothing of value is kept in there but you have been caught on CCTV, it has been reported and prints are being taken!”

There have also been reports of it happening in the Wybers area, East Marsh and church meadows. 

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