Plans unveiled for Grimsby nature reserve

Plans unveiled for Grimsby nature reserve

Plans unveiled for Grimsby nature reserve

Plans for a nature reserve have been submitted to North East Lincolnshire Council’s planning department, and revealed on the council website.

The plan is currently pending consideration – if approved, it will see a habitat for protected species of birds created just off Moody Lane in Grimsby.

The proposed site totals 17.1 hectares.

It would be known as ‘Novartis Ings’ and is adjacent to the Novartis factory.

According to a the application the site will also include a “water storage and habitat lagoon, shallow scrapes and ponds, bunding, a bird hide, cattle and fencing, culverts and a bridge.”

It is hoped that the nature reserve will provide a breeding habitat for thousands of declining bird species such as curlews, godwits and plovers.

Site designer Roger Wardle also created the Cress Marsh reserve near Stallingborough.

Plans unveiled for Grimsby nature reserve
Plan for a bird observation hide (R Wardle / North East Lincolnshire Council)
Plans unveiled for Grimsby nature reserve
Habitat plan (R Wardle / North East Lincolnshire Council)

The application states:

“The objective is to provide suitable undisturbed roosting and other habitat for internationally important assemblages of wader birds that occupy the Humber Estuary with a number of important designations including SPA.

“This habitat creation is required to mitigate losses due to proposed development of open agricultural land along the hinterland of the Humber Estuary used by roosting and resting waders at high tide.

“The locations have been chosen carefully to negate the need for the birds to fly long distances. Work will include a water storage lagoon with roosting islands.

“Some palisade fencing will also be erected to reduce disturbance from human activity.

“A bird hide will be erected with all ability access for enhanced viewing by the public and allow site monitoring without disturbance.”

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