‘Torment’ as lockdown stops family reunion

'Torment' as lockdown stops family reunion

‘Torment’ as lockdown stops family reunion

A Cleethorpes mother whose daughter has a form of incurable breast cancer has described not being able to see one another as “sheer torment.”

Marion Thomas, 85, last saw her daughter Michelle Teale, 58, in December, when she was given just days to live.

Speaking to the BBC, Marion Thomas said:

“I just thank the lord she’s here and I hope the lockdown goes off shortly and I can get to see her again.”

“I was rushed into hospital and sent home on 20 December and they gave me around three days to live,” added Michelle Teale.

“It was so bad, I planned my own funeral.

“Every day is a challenge and if I get through each day, that’s another day ticked off my list.”

The mother and daughter live about 90 miles apart.

Last year, they were separated for around 22 weeks as a result of the extended lockdown in Leicester.

Fantastically, Michelle Teale has defied the expectations of her doctors, and is awaiting another emotional reunion with her mother.

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