Paul Hurst gives update on players ahead of Saturday’s Oldham game

Paul Hurst gives update on players ahead of Saturday’s Oldham game

Grimsby Town FC boss Paul Hurst has provided an update on the players ahead of the away match on Saturday against Oldham Athletic on Saturday.

He told BBC Humberside Sport in an interview today: “Luke Hendries looks like he’s going to miss out. Probably not a surprise but we certainly had better news than perhaps feared from his scan. I can’t remember the medical terminology for it but there was a fear that he’d done something there that would have meant he’d been out for months.

“That’s not the case so that’s a positive. He’s had a very light job today, I don’t think he was particularly looking too comfortable, but at least he managed that.

When asked about Luke Hendries’ injury, Hurst said: “It’s his heel. Ben Davis had suffered the injury before previously that we feared it could have been. It was good news for Luke and us that it’s not the case and certainly with looking at how he is today, you would think he’s got a chance of certainly making an appearance before the end of the season. Admittedly there’s only a few games left, so that’s better news in general.

“Giles Coke, he’s another one who’s had a jog round. It looks like he’s moving better, certainly he’s optimistic that he’s got a chance, but I know the desperation in him as an individual to play, and that may be leaning towards a more optimistic outlook, but he’ll train tomorrow and we’ll have to see how he is.

“The pitches at the minute are rock hard. Not ideal for a back injury certainly, never mind anything else, so we’ll have to see how he is, but fingers crossed. After that we’ve got a doubt from the other night that I don’t want to make public at present, but he’s another one that we’ll have to see about.”

Watch the full interview below:

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