Council vote to defer 66 new homes on Bradley Road, despite planning permission being granted

Site of new homes on Bradley Road

Council vote to defer 66 new homes on Bradley Road, despite planning permission being granted

At a meeting today, North East Lincolnshire Council’s Planning Committee voted to defer the building of 66 new homes on Bradley Road, Barnoldby le Beck.

This comes after the applicant, Snape Properties Ltd, has already been granted planning permission to build the properties on the site – a development which Managing Director Kevin Snape predicts will be completed within the next two years.

The original application sought to build 82 new homes on the site, but this was rejected in November last year due to its “detrimental impact” on the character of the area, its “adverse impact” on local infrastructure and its “detrimental impact” on the highway network and highway safety.

The plans were then amended to 66 new homes on Bradley Road, which will include a mixture of detached, semi-detached, bungalows and affordable housing.

Councillor Phillip Jackson, leader of North East Lincolnshire Council, said today: “This is a greenfield site and it’s a development that was never wanted by local residents or by the adjacent parish councils, Bradley, Barnoldby and Waltham, all of whom have submitted further objections for the application this morning.

Although councillors expressed their concerns on the new homes on Bradley Road, many of them stressed that the company has already been granted planning permission to build the 66 homes.

Cllr Jackson added: “Unfortunately we’re in a position where we’ve got an outline consent for the application site, but as you’ll see from the numerous objections this morning, not just from the parish councils but from local residents, opposition has, to this site, not reduced over the years.

“One of my main areas of concern is the fact that this is going to be additional housing in Waltham. We’ve already got a lot of additional sites with planning consent in Waltham. Some of them are already being built, and I have real concern for the capacity of village services to be able to cope with further additional housing.”

Concerns over the flood risk the new site would bring, along with road safety concerns, have also been highlighted by councillors and residents.

One neighbouring resident said: “Not too long ago after heavy rainfall, my drive was flooded from the drain on Bradley Road not being able to cope with the amount of rainwater.

“Anglian Water had to come out to clean the mess up and stated that the drains could not cope with that amount of water, so how are things likely to improve with another 66 houses?”

Another resident commented: “The road is already very busy and dangerous, especially when trying to get in and out of our drives, before another 66 houses are built. It will effect Waltham more than Barnoldby le Beck.

“The school in Waltham is already full so the children would have to go by car, resulting in more traffic. If a pedestrian crossing is built across this road I would be terrified of a child or elderly person crossing it, with lorries and heavy farm machinery using this road constantly.”

Managing Director of Snape Properties Ltd, Kevin Snape, commented: “Throughout the consultation period we have tried to engage as much as possible with immediate neighbours to the site. We have had lengthy conversations and accommodated some of their concerns in the layout. We have removed link houses that were close to existing residences, and have replaced these with bungalows.

“We’ve also moved two pairs of affordable houses at the rear of the site that have become a concern. From the start of the process we dealt with all of the drainage and highway concerns. We deal directly with the relevant authorities. Through our engineer, the site is designed accordingly.

“We are very confident that this site, when completed, will be an asset to the village.”

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