New niche wine bar on Sea View Street refused by councillors

Vacant shop on Sea View Street

New niche wine bar on Sea View Street refused by councillors

The establishment of a “niche” wine bar and wine school at 33 Sea View Street was refused in a meeting yesterday by North East Lincolnshire Council.

The bar would be spread out on two floors of the building, which has been vacant for some time.

Several objections were received against the plans for the bar from local residents, with concerns about noise disturbance, the “over-concentration” of bars in that area and the potential anti-social behaviour it would bring.

One resident commented: “Since moving here, Arthurs and Havana Cabana have opened. While I support local businesses, since these two establishments have opened on Sea View Street, the noise levels have escalated to the point where I can’t have my bedroom window open on summer evenings for the shrieky noise of drunken women and gobby men.

“They hang about in the street for ages after the bars have closed, they pee in the street and have fights in the street. The clientele for these particular bars does seem to be of a younger crowd which may explain it, but I feel yet another bar in a fairly small street will further increase noise levels.”

“It is really disappointing to look at the backwards step the street has took in the past five years, from what was a fantastic up and coming shopping district to what is now party central.

“Gone are the days where families can walk up the street on a Saturday afternoon to do some leisurely shopping, now they are put off by what Sea View Street has become – a no-go zone after 2pm on a Saturday because of the amount of rowdy drunks going between the pubs and bars,” said another resident on the street.

Councillors at the meeting also took the retailers on Sea View Street into consideration.

Councillor Janet Goodwin said: “It just seems like another wine bar and another bar down Sea View Street. Do we really need it? And is it fair to the already established retailers down that street? I was on the fence but I just feel sorry for the retailers down Sea View Street.”

Despite the fact that the premises license was granted last June, councillors refused the application on the basis of the concerns raised.

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