Horror as turtle thrown around by kids in People’s Park

Abused tortoise in People's Park Grimsby

Horror as turtle thrown around by kids in People’s Park

A turtle was rescued by a member of the public and taken to Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue after they found a group of youths throwing it around in People’s Park.

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue took to Facebook to inform the public about what had taken place.

They wrote: “A bit of an unusual rescue to come in…

“This guy arrived with our team after a group of kids had been found throwing him around People’s Park.

“Thankfully, the daughter of the woman who brought him saw this happening and took him home to get help. What a hero!

“It’s now being monitored and treated as required by our friends who have a lot of knowledge in this area.”

The post received several horrified reactions and comments from local people, one of which read: “They need punishment. If a pet owner or an adult was caught they would be punished so why should these kids get away with it? Hopefully someone will take it further.”

Another person commented: “I just hope he isn’t returned there as it was lucky this time someone saw. I wonder how many times this poor thing has been subject to abuse without people seeing.”

Abused tortoise in People's Park Grimsby

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue is a voluntary organisation with over 50 years’ worth of combined experience helping injured wildlife.

The group rely solely on donations to ensure their services stay up and running.

You can donate to their cause here.

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