Sad end for pigeon after falling victim to oil spill behind Grimsby restaurant

Pigeon in oil spill behind Grimsby restaurant

Sad end for pigeon after falling victim to oil spill behind Grimsby restaurant

A pigeon was put down last night after it was found in a puddle of oil behind a restaurant in Grimsby.

Staff at the restaurant contacted Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue as soon as they noticed the bird.

Volunteers at the organisation collected the pigeon and gave it a special 40-minute bath designed for animals that fall victim to oil spills – but the oil still wouldn’t budge.

The oil was “so thick” that it was pulling out the pigeon’s feathers while volunteers attempted to wash them.

After contacting a vet, it was decided that it was best for the bird to be put to sleep and “put it out of its misery”.

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue said last night in a statement: “A very sad end for a pigeon tonight.

“This pigeon was collected by our volunteers after falling victim to an oil spill behind a restaurant in Grimsby, who contacted us straight away once they noticed.

“After a 40-minute oil spill bath it still wasn’t budging, as you can see by the final two photos. Sadly the oil was so thick it was also pulling out the feathers while washing.

“The decision was made that despite the best efforts by our team, it was causing more stress and pain to the bird than to put it out of its misery. After contacting the vets, they agreed with this decision and it passed away with them.

“Advice had been given to the restaurant to clean up the spill as soon as possible to avoid this outcome again.”

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