Priti Patel creates tensions with France over migrants

tensions with France over migrants 

Priti Patel creates tensions with France over migrants

Border Force have been instructed to push migrant boats back across the channel today by Home Secretary Priti Patel.

It has been a record-breaking year for these crossing attempts as over 14,000 people have attempted the journey this year.

Arrivals have surged recently due to the warm weather.

On Monday, the UK reportedly received the second highest figure of the year for migrant arrivals: 758 people.

Patel’s actions have caused the public to revisit the debate about how many migrants should be allowed into the UK and under what circumstances.

Part of the population regards the issue with distain or envy as they believe the government are receiving too many people whilst many British citizens are impoverished and facing homelessness.

But does that mean that migrants don’t deserve rights and our help too?

Patel’s new tactic may only affect larger and sturdier boats that will not risk lives, but it could still spark trouble with France.

The UK agreed to give France another £54m to whittle down the number of migrants coming across the channel, but it may be blocked if three out of four of the crossings are not prevented by French authorities.

The French interior minister said: “Funding granted by the British Government within the framework of this co-operation (£54m) is a fair contribution to this effort, which relies mainly on French forces.

“The terms of this funding were negotiated in detail with the British side and there was never any question of making payment conditional on quantified targets.

“Such an approach would reflect a serious loss of confidence in our co-operation.”

They continued: “We also call on the British Government to be cautious about the announced use of procedures to fight against attempted sea crossings which would not only be dangerous for men, women and children on board these boats, but contrary to international law.”

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