Grimsby’s path to net zero set to be discussed

Grimsby’s path to net zero set to be discussed

North East Lincolnshire Council are set to discuss two reports that are set to transform life in the borough during the next thirty years.

The Carbon Roadmap is outlining how the council can become net zero by 2040 and the borough by 2050.

Net zero means reducing carbon emissions as much as possible while investing in more sustainable plans and infrastructure like planting trees.

Cllr Philip Jackson, council leader and portfolio holder for the green agenda, said:

“Moving to a net zero economy is one of the biggest challenges we face and means making big changes to every aspect of our lives.

“From how we heat our homes and workplaces to how we travel from a to b, our plans set out the steps we need to take as an organisation and as a community to reduce our carbon emissions and take better care of our local environment.

“Climate change is a global challenge that requires commitment, co-operation and action at every level if we are to keep out planet healthy for future generations.”

The Carbon Roadmap sets out work the council can do to reduce their carbon emissions to become net zero by 2040, these include: low carbon estate, vehicles and street lighting and climate-conscious decision-making, purchases and behaviour.

The Local Government Association estimates there will be 4,145 direct jobs in the low-carbon and renewable energy sector in North East Lincolnshire by 2050.

The Natural Assets Plan sets out eight areas the Council wants to focus on to improve the environment, these include:

  1. Planning our future land use
  2. Managing our open spaces
  3. Biodiversity and special sites
  4. Trees and woodlands
  5. Water Management
  6. Improving air quality
  7. Protecting health and wellbeing
  8. Education, involvement, and enjoyment

It yet to be seen whether the council is determined to stick with these objectives, or whether it is a lot of buzzwords coming from COP26.

The council recently indicated they are against installing a park-and-ride system in Cleethorpes in favour of a larger car park, despite the former being a much better option for reducing carbon emissions.

The council have also been quiet on planting more trees in the area, despite a ward in Cleethorpes recording the lowest amount of tree space in the country.

In 2019, the council declared a climate emergency and have launched the award-winning South Humber Mitigation Strategy.

Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire have also provided dedicated support to 260 businesses as well as energy-saving upgrades to 31 public buildings, with one company having saved more than £10,900 on its quarterly electricity bill.

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