Wolf Moon spotted high above Lincolnshire

Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon spotted high above Lincolnshire

Photographers have captured stunning images of the Wolf Moon that was spotted on the night of Monday 17 January.

Siôn Dafydd (Grimsby)

The Wolf Moon was the first full moon of 2022 and always appears in January.

It was named after hungry wolves howling for food.

It can also be referred to as the Old Moon and Ice Moon.

Wolf Moon
Christopher Hearn (Cleethorpes)

The clear sky provided the photographers with the perfect opportunity to capture some rare images of the spectacle.

As the moon began to rise in the sky, it took on a brilliant yellow hue that captivated many people.

When it is near the horizon, the atmosphere scatters the light to make it appear yellow or orange, but it brightens the higher it climbs in the sky.

The Wolf Moon reached its peak at 11:48pm, according to Royal Museums Greenwich.

Wolf Moon
PhotoLincs (Scunthorpe)

Craters on the surface could be clearly seen, including the Tycho crater, located on the right-hand side.

The Wolf Moon’s brightness and enormity was particularly noticeable on this night as the Earth is perfectly aligned between the sun and the moon.

Siôn Dafydd

This results in the sun’s light being able to fully illuminate the side of the moon facing Earth.

(Main image: Jai Garrod)

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