Injured swan rescued in Cleethorpes


Injured swan rescued in Cleethorpes

An injured swan has been rescued from Cleethorpes Boating Lake after it was found by passer-by.

Tina Smith, who discovered the poorly bird, immediately called Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue after she noticed something was not quite right.

The rescue service attended the boating lake a short while after.

The swan was discovered to have significant trauma to its eye which required vet attention.

He was promptly taken to Grimsby Blue Cross Animal Hospital, and is now recieving aftercare treatment at the Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue centre.

Speaking to Gi Grimsby News, Ms Smith said:

“We first saw the swan while on a walk around Cleethorpes Boating Lake.

“It was laid down on the grass across from the lake, behind the cafe. We crossed over the bridge to check that it was ok, and tried to give it some bird seed, but it wasn’t interested at all.

“We knew something was wrong with the swan so I rang Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue and they were there within ten minutes.”

“They checked the swan over and could see something was up with its eye.

“They thought to that it might have crashed into something, as the swan just stopped still and didn’t fight with us or the rescue team. Luckily they took the swan away to get it some help.

“I’m so pleased he is getting the help and treatment he needs.”

You can make a donation via this link to help support the vital work undertaken by Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue.

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