Residents ‘disgusted’ at the state of Fuller Street Bridge

Fuller Street Bridge

Residents ‘disgusted’ at the state of Fuller Street Bridge

Locals have taken to social media to express their disgust and concern over the condition of Fuller Street Bridge in Cleethorpes.

Since the closure of the crossing at Suggitt’s Lane, the bridge has been used as a thoroughfare for people walking to and from the beach.

Sadly, the area has been plagued with dog mess and litter.

Residents say they are horrified by the state of the bridge and disappointed by the lack of effort put into its upkeep.

Dog walkers are also concerned that the mess could make their pets unwell.

One resident wrote:

“I have just been over Fuller Street Bridge, which is covered in diarrhoea and sick. Keep an eye on your dogs incase they catch the bug that’s going round!”

“I’ve walked there for years and I have never seen that area in such a state dog poop everywhere on the bridge,” added another.

“There’s rubbish everywhere – vodka bottles, drink cans, broken glass.

“The council need to do something about this. People pay their rates and what do we get back for it in this area? It’s disgusting”

One man said he had collected a sack full of cans and bottles away from the area on match day as part of a community litter-pick.

“There really should be cameras in the area – from the look of the mess it seems to be the same few culprits over and over,” he continued.

North East Lincolnshire Council have been contacted for a statement.

Anyone with concerns regarding dog mess in the area is advised to report it via the council website.

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