North Lincolnshire Mayor commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day

North Lincolnshire Mayor commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day

Mayor and Cllr Peter Clark is hosting an online commemoration today, Thursday 27 January, for the anniversary of Holocaust Memorial Day 2022.

The day pays tribute to the six million Jewish victims and millions more from other minority groups that were killed during the second World War.

The ceremony usually takes place in Scunthorpe each year, but it has been postponed this year due to the rise in Covid-19 cases over the last couple of months.

The Mayor is now encouraging people to reflect at home by watching a video on North Lincolnshire Council’s YouTube channel.

Locals have recorded passages to remember the millions of lives that were lost in the Holocaust and more recent genocides in Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia and Darfur.

Students from local school also joined the Mayor to record their messages.

To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, Church Square House will also be illuminated by purple lights.

The Mayor of North Lincolnshire, Cllr Peter Clark, said: “Holocaust Memorial Day is a time for us to honour the victims of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides, which we are doing once again this year, but in a different way.

“This year’s theme is ‘One Day’, which can mean so many things.

“Holocaust Memorial Day is One Day where we commemorate with the hope there may be ‘One Day in the future with no genocide’.

“Together, we can all make a difference and help take action to create a safer future for everyone.”

(Image: Jorge Royan)

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