Sir Keir Starmer ‘in the clear’ over lockdown party row 


Sir Keir Starmer ‘in the clear’ over lockdown party row 

Keir Starmer ‘is in the clear’ after claims he broke lockdown rules by drinking beer with staff at his office, according to a report by Sky News.

Photographs emerged showing the Labour leader drinking a beer in an office setting.

He has since refused to apologise.

The news comes amid an ongoing row regarding parties which took place at Downing Street at a time when the nation was under strict restrictions regarding socialising.

Speaking to LBC last month, Starmer compared the incident to the accusations surrounding Prime Minster Boris Johnson.

He argued that eating a takeaway with staff is “a million miles away” from hosting garden parties at Number 10. 

The incident involving Keir Starmer took place last April. 

At the time lockdown restrictions prohibited people in England from mixing indoors, excluding for work purposes.

But the Metropolitan Police have confirmed that no offence was committed. 

Speaking to LBC, Starmer said: “we were working, a takeaway turned up, and we stopped to eat it. We didn’t break any rules, we did nothing wrong.”

Despite the defence, Starmer has been criticised by his political opponents after he suggested Boris Johnson should resign for his involvement in lockdown parties. 

Starmer doubled down reiterating that the PM should still resign. 

“I think it is in the national interest Boris goes now,” he added.

“He has lost all authority.”

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