Boris Johnson announces end to all Covid measures in tense PMQ’s

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Boris Johnson announces end to all Covid measures in tense PMQ’s

In today’s PMQ’s Boris Johnson announced an end to all domestic Covid measures including the need to self-isolate when testing positive.

This announcement was expected to be made in late March but has now come a month early.

Mr Johnson stated that after the Commons recess, he intends to come back to present the government’s latest plan for living with Covid.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer stepped up to ask about fraud prevention in his first question to the PM.

He asks the PM whether he agrees with recent comments by the business secretary that fraud is not something people experience in their day to day lives.

In reply, Boris Johnson says the government “despises” fraud, adding that anti-fraud measures have been strengthened.

Sir Keir accused the PM’s cabinet of “turning a blind eye to scammers” and writing off £4bn of losses.

The PM said: “We are tackling crime across the board.”

He went on to state that they are cracking down on neighbourhood crime that has a massive psychological impact, knife crime, burglary and violence in the street with tougher sentences and putting more police on the street.

Moving to the topic of surging energy bills, the Labour leader criticised the government’s plan to help people cope with higher prices outlined last week.

He said the rebate scheme is a “con” and a “buy now, pay later” scheme, “not a proper plan”.

Mr Johnson defended the programme, calling it “faster” and “more generous” than any plan set out by the Labour Party.

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