Heartbreak as Grimsby father takes his life in prison

Heartbreak as Grimsby father takes his life in prison

A Grimsby father had taken his own life after he was jailed for 18 months, a jury has heard. 

Neil Conway, 37, was jailed for 18 months for assault and burglary. 

Mr Conway was found unconscious in his cell in December 2018, the morning after he was jailed. 

An inquest in Hull heard Mr Conway was found with a suicide note on him. 

Although paramedics were able to resuscitate him, the injuries that Mr Conway sustained lead to his death just two days later. 

The inquest into the Grimsby mans death concluded in under two days, the jury agreed Mr Conway died as a result of a brain injury caused by hanging. 

The jury said: 

“The cause of death was hypoxic ischemic brain injury as a result of a suspension by ligature, otherwise known as hanging” 

Neil Conway’s father read a statement on Monday at the inquest, reading his son made an attempt on his own life on December 18. 

The jury was told Mr Conway struggled with an alcohol addiction which resulted in multiple arrested throughout his life. 

Neil was described as “very supportive” when he found out his partner was pregnant, going to appointments and scans with her. 

She said he was “over the moon” when he learnt he was going to have a baby girl and even picked her name.

Despite managing to stay sober throughout most of the first months, Neil began drinking again, stealing his partners TV, Xbox and a laptop to feed his addition.

When Neil’s partner found a new job working difficult hours, he provided regular childcare, she said.

However, in November of 2018, Neil was arrested for assault and burglary.

In a closing statement, she said “I will always love Neil”

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