Is North East Lincolnshire council’s cycle superhighway being used?

Council proposes new cycleway

Is North East Lincolnshire council’s cycle superhighway being used?

Construction on North East Lincolnshire’s cycle superhighway is nearing the end of its final stage of construction.

The roadworks initially started in March 2021 on the busy A180, between the Westgate roundabout to the Lockhill roundabout.

The final stage is currently seeing works from the CATCH training facility leading across Kings Road and linking to the existing cycleway at the Pelham Road junction.

This final stage is expected to finish next month, just in time for the summer season.

When the plan was first announced many motorists felt like the new highway was not needed, commenting that “hardly any” cyclists are using the separate lane which has been cordoned off for their use while the roadworks take place – raising the concerns on whether or not enough cyclists will use the superhighway upon its completion.

As the two other sections of the superhighway have already been completed, the council has now provided the initial usage statistics.

A spokesperson for the council said: “On Wednesday 21 April 2021, cyclists were monitored on the A180 at the entrance to Adam Smith Street between 4.30 am and 5.30 am (when people are heading to work in this area), there were 18 cyclists and one pedestrian using the route (not using the steps at Adam Smith Street).

“An extra four cyclists and two pedestrians came from Lockhill roundabout and went down the steps to Adam Smith Street – therefore, a total of 22 cyclists.”

“On Monday 19 April 2021, between 1.30 pm and 3 pm, there were seven cyclists using the route (not using the steps at Adam Smith Street) and five more cyclists used it, who used the steps.”

Once the project is completed a total of 3.8km of new off-road cycleway will have been constructed in a bid to give cyclists a route across the South Humber Bank to access work and training facilities

The Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership funded £2.2 million towards the plan, with £400,000 contributed by the council and private sector.

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