‘Communication breakdown’ between council and Grimsby MP

lia nici

‘Communication breakdown’ between council and Grimsby MP

Lia Nici, MP for Great Grimsby, has hit out at North East Lincolnshire Council claiming things are not “happening quickly enough”.

Speaking in Parliament, Nici made a case for changes that she feels would benefit the area and the delivery of ‘Levelling Up’.

Discussing the success of the scheme across the country, MP Lee Rowley, Secretary of State for Levelling Up, said: “We can already see a successful delivery of levelling-up funds and town funds all across the country.

“I know that further applications are coming forward, and I hope that they are successful and can make the most of the money as quickly as possible.”

Lia Nici said: “I am delighted to see the Secretary of State back in his Department, where I had a very brief summer job this year.

“I know that he is passionate about making sure that we can get councils where we need them for our funding.

“As he knows, Great Grimsby secured the first town deal, and we have also had future high streets funding, but we have had some of it for two and a half years now and things are not happening quickly enough on the ground.”

She urged Rowley to commit to coming back to Grimsby to “make sure we can push the council forward to get things happening on the ground”.

Speaking to Gi Grimsby News Independent Councillor for Freshney Ward, Steve Holland, responded to Nici’s statement, claiming it demonstrates a ‘complete communication breakdown’.

He said: “It seems there is a complete communication breakdown between the Conservative MP and the Conservative led Council.

“Saying they need a push to get on with the job amounts to an accusation of either laziness or incompetence.

“It is frustrating that the council does seem to drag its heels at times.”

“Nearly three years ago the government awarded 3 million pounds to refurbish Corporation Bridge which badly needs doing. Work was supposed to start in January 2023 after long delays and it looks like the can will be kicked down the road yet again.

“No-one has even got to the point of picking up a paint brush.”

Lia Nici has been contacted for further comment.

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