Lib Dems call for NHS staff to receive financial reward

Lib Dems call for NHS staff to receive financial reward

Lib Dems call for NHS staff to receive financial reward

The Liberal Democrats have called for frontline NHS staff to be rewarded a financial bonus in the form of an extra £29-a-day for their service and commitment during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has been suggested that they should receive a bonus like that given to military personnel on active duty, after acting leader Sir Ed Davey said Downing Street should consider creating a “front-line support package”.

Members of the UK military are currently entitled to a daily operational allowance of £29.02 when they are deployed on operations in “demanding” conflicts.

Sir Ed Davey added that several million key workers are “risking their lives to protect others” and that “NHS and care staff are truly on the frontline in this national struggle.

“The top priority for front-line staff is protection

“We should never ask our military to risk their lives without the proper kit, and we shouldn’t be leaving health and care workers without sufficient protective kit either.

“When the country emerges from this crisis, we must also properly recognise those who were willing to serve and make a sacrifice, just as we do with military forces.”

The government has said it is working hard to support front-line staff, who have been battling difficult conditions and often without proper protective equipment. 

The party have proposed that the daily financial boost last for the duration of the lockdown, adding that all key workers should also receive a coronavirus service medal.

The Lib Dems’ other proposals include a call to fast-track the procurement of personal protective equipment for health staff. They also want the government to pay for the funerals of key workers who have died during the crisis.

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