Complaints amid Cleethorpes’ parking restrictions

Cleethorpes parking prices increase

Complaints amid Cleethorpes’ parking restrictions

North East Lincolnshire Council have received an influx of complaints in response to parking restrictions on Cleethorpes’ Central Promenade.

While some of these complaints were from out of town visitors who struggled to find adequate parking, many were from frustrated residents who found that people were simply parking in packed residential streets instead.

This comes after the Council moved to ban cars from Cleethorpes’ Central Promenade to encourage social distancing.

Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers said that he had received a number of complaints from residents, and said is in discussion with both the Council and Humberside Police.

He said:

“I know the council will be reviewing the decision to close the Promenade in light of the weekend’s influx.

“The message has to go out from police and the council that just because people can visit Cleethorpes, it doesn’t mean you should 

“New regulations have come into force which allow people to travel for exercise . We are all going to have to face a higher risk until we have a suitable vaccine and rely upon people acting responsibly.”

Former resort councillor Matthew Brown added:

“People ignored social distancing.

“Residents are suffering because visitors are parking outside people’s homes and they have come from towns like Doncaster and Sheffield where infections are so much higher than here.

“They are walking past many of our residents. The Dominic Cummings episode has had an effect with people ignoring the rules It all seems very unsafe in Cleethorpes. The council will have to rethink its strategy as these last few days have proved.”

There is now speculation that the ban could be reversed after a surge in complaints caused the Council to review the situation.

The ban on traffic and parking on Central Promenade caused visitors to use side streets and residential streets to park, which made parking and social distancing difficult for residents.

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