Grimsby and Scunthorpe praised for Maternity services

Grimsby and Scunthorpe praised for Maternity services

Grimsby and Scunthorpe praised for Maternity services

Women have praised developments in local Maternity services, which have provided them with consistent access to a named midwife throughout their pregnancy.

This comes nine months after the launch of the Daisy and Poppy Maternity teams in Grimsby and Cleethorpes, and the Iris and Venus teams in Scunthorpe.

All four are focused on providing a small support group, including a named midwife for pregnant women.

Women under these teams are given a direct telephone number for their midwife.

This change, called Continuity of Carer, is the Trust’s response to the recommendations set out in the government’s Better Births Report, which was published in 2016.

The aim is to improve outcomes for mothers and their babies.

More than 40% of pregnant women under the care of Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust have been affected by the change.

Beth Buck and Mariam Khan both gave birth at Scunthorpe hospital.

Discussing the experience, Ms Buck said:

“I could not have had a better midwife and both Jo Lilley and Rachel Spivey from the Venus team were incredible. Jo was the midwife who followed me through my pregnancy and I feel really lucky to have had her.

“The whole team were amazing and I feel proud that we have such a wonderful service at the Trust.”

Ms Khan, who recently gave birth to her seventh child said:

“This was the first child I’ve had at Scunthorpe – all the others were at Sheffield. All the midwives were lovely and I had one midwife throughout my journey.

“This midwife didn’t deliver my baby as she wasn’t on shift but I knew the other midwife from the team so I felt comfortable. It was a really good experience.”

Tina Johansson, Better Births Project Lead, added:

“We have received excellent feedback from women who have been through their pregnancy journey with our teams.

“It is important for them to have that familiarity with the midwife and the teams so they feel comfortable.”