‘Bizarrely placed’ bus shelter installed in Cleethorpes

bus shelter

‘Bizarrely placed’ bus shelter installed in Cleethorpes

The placement of a new bus shelter which has been installed in Cleethorpes is already causing a stir among confused and frustrated locals.

North East Lincolnshire Council announced plans to erect the shelter last month as part of a scheme to improve the travel system in the local area.

But the bus stop, which is situated on Sea Road, has been placed directly in front of two otherwise perfectly functional benches, meaning they are now inaccessible.

Residents have pointed out that there is an empty space directly adjacent to where the shelter has been placed.

Several have taken to social media to express their confusion and frustration over the matter.

Speaking via Facebook, one wrote: “Another costly disaster. The council have totally destroyed that lovely road!”

Another added: “Bizarre but as usual it’s for cost. It’s a standard off the shelf shelter, building a bespoke one to cover the wall benches would cost more.

“Very sad to see and looks awful. They could have built it much closer to the road for the same cost and kept the wall benches.”

“How ridiculous, those benches are constantly in use and are extremely helpful to the disabled and elderly,” said one frustrated local.

The works were funded as part of a £3m scheme through the Humber and East Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

Speaking at the time Councillor Stewart Swinburn, said: “When we receive funding, we always aim to identify the projects that will bring about the biggest improvements to residents and businesses.

“These projects not only make day-to-day travel and transport across the borough safer and more efficient; they also have a direct impact on opportunities available to residents in terms of education, employment and accessing local services.

“We know that, once completed, these schemes will bring benefits to our local communities.

“We will, of course, ensure that residents and businesses are able to provide feedback on the projects and will invite those directly affected to engage with the projects at the appropriate stages.”

North East Lincolnshire Council have been contacted for an updated statement.

Updates to follow.

(Photo: Bradley Allenby)

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